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Anthropologist on the Street

Anthropologist on the Street (AOTS) goes behind today’s controversies, debates, and trending issues to examine the hidden cultural forces at play.

Each week, Dr. Carie Little Hersh interviews a different anthropologist or cultural expert to unveil what doesn’t get reported in the headlines: the underlying values, conversations, and practices of everyday life.

So many corners of life are explored by anthropology–cultural practices, biology, language, material artifacts, ideas, values. The AOTS podcast seeks to bring this knowledge into public spaces where conversations, really important conversations, are happening. Some of the questions tackled in the podcast include:

  • Why are Native American tribes coming together to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline?
  • Is Traditional Chinese Medicine “alternative medicine” or just “medicine”?
  • Why do women share breast milk, and what’s behind the medical community’s reactions to it?
  • What does religion have to do with culture?
  • Why are upper middle class families swapping used kids’ clothes, and how is it an act of resistance?
  • Why shouldn’t we criminalize undocumented immigrants?

These are just a handful of the questions anthropologists explore. Join us each week as we talk to anthropologists, former anthropologists, and others who tackle global issues with local data.


Dr. Carie Little Hersh

Dr. Carie Little Hersh is an American cultural anthropologist, former attorney, and teaching professor in anthropology at Northeastern University. Above all, she is passionate about public anthropology, and drawing anthropological insights into current events and conversations.

You can read her public anthropology essays on her personal blog about anthropology and its relevance to everyday life at: www.relevANTH.com

For more information about Dr. Hersh, see her “about” page on relevANTH or see the following links:

Academic Home Page (under development): www.northeastern.edu/cssh/faculty/carie-hersh

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/CarieLittleHersh


Anthropologist on the Street is produced in collaboration with the American Anthropological Association.