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Anthropologists gather critical data on the ground, analyze social issues holistically, and view local issues globally. Yet our public voice is… absent. AOTS is working to change that.

Be a part of the change. Make your voice heard. If you are an anthropologist or social scientist who wants to bring your research to a broader audience, submit a podcast pitch below.

Here are the guidelines for participating in the AOTS podcast:

  • You must have original research, expertise, or experience.
  • Your material must connect to current anthropological theories, methods, and/or topics of interest.
  • You do not need to be a practicing anthropologist, or even have a degree in anthropology, but you should be familiar with concepts in the field and how your material relates to them.
  • You must be able to discuss your material in plain English to an audience that is likely unfamiliar with anthropological or other academic jargon and theoretical terms.

PLEASE NOTE that a request for an interview is not a guarantee of an interview. You may be contacted with a request for further information about your material and how it would be highlighted on the podcast. There is no monetary or other compensation for participating on the podcast. Each episode is accompanied by a webpage featuring the interviewee and the interviewee’s work.